Wildlife Fundraising Project

by  Naomi Ann


Have you ever thought about a world without wildlife?

There is an increasing urgency and awareness of the double threat that our world currently faces: the loss of biodiversity and climate change. These two issues are intrinsically linked, and both are of enormous importance to wildlife, nature, people, and the future of the planet.


This is the reason why NAWF was founded. It stands for saving and protecting wildlife, especially for the species who are endangered. Our mission is to create a stable and safe environment for the animals to enjoy their natural habitats. And this is only possible if we include the people living in the area.

The instability and ongoing conflict in the region has created a dangerous environment. The lack of information and education has become a problem with the local communities. For example: Unfortunately, in some cultures, pregnant women still believe that by eating the meat of great apes, it increases their chances of giving birth to a healthy child.

And how do we change that?

Firstly, by providing education to the local communities and by giving them the possibility to become rangers so that they can save the animals from poachers. Secondly, by creating cooperatives for agriculture projects. Thirdly, by teaching the value of protecting and respecting the forest and its wildlife. And fourthly, by teaching them how to generate money to take care of themselves and their families. With this, we are creating a win-win situation for the village and wildlife.

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Maiko National Park

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Research Center for Environmental Planning

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