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 Maiko National Park in Congo

Maiko National Park covers an area of 10,830 km² and the few research studies conducted in the park have identified 31 species of mammals and about 100 birds. Important note: Maiko National Park is the only place in the world where you can find okapis.


Maiko National Park, as a lot of other (technically protected) areas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is in big danger because of the following reasons:


  • Poaching

  • Mining

  • Animal trafficking

  • Timber trafficking


Poaching is carried out both by residents and by armed groups established in certain parts of the park. Elephants are shot for ivory, okapis, or leopards for their skin. Other species such as the grey parrots, the Congolese peacocks, different species of small monkeys, baby gorillas, and chimpanzees are sold as pets. 

To see our current project program, click on the PDF below.

Main objects of NAWF:

Reduce wildlife- and timber trafficking

  • Strengthen park integrity through ongoing surveillance by rangers 

Strengthen the administrative and financial management of the MNP

  • Improving the financial situation of staff

  • Improve the park's infrastructure and logistics

Strengthen community collaboration and participation

  • Improve information, education, and communication

Promote scientific research 

  • Ensure the protection of fauna and flora